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Are you center stage in your life, or just a stage hand?

Let’s start a movement of confident women who boldly go where no one has gone before (wait a minute, I have heard that somewhere before…) Wherever you are right now, at this precise moment in your life, it is because you brought yourself here. Yes, it’s alll about YOU! Every choice and decision you’ve made has influenced your path. Life is all about choices.

Choice Life Strategies specializes in assisting women in taking a look at where they are and where they want to be, then building a strong foundation to get them there.


Women are the glue that holds society together. Let’s face it, as a woman, you have mastered multitasking: you have heralded the troops for school projects, service projects and pet projects. Whether at the office, or at home, or both, you are the one that everyone comes to for help, for guidance and for fixing the world’s problems. But what about you? Yes I really did say it. What about you? (don’t even let me hear that guilt voice talking in your head)

If you are like many women, your personal ambitions and priorities have taken a back seat to needs of others. While it is important to prioritize, it is also vital for your emotional health, and ultimately to the health of your family, to be the best woman that you can be. When you feel happy, peaceful and stress free (no I don’t mean giving away the kids), your life can change dramatically. Let your new mantra be, “Change is a good thing, change is a good thing”.


‘Who I Am” Women’s Circle

‘Who I am’ – Is that a statement or a question?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

If you answered crow’s feet you better call me now, because I said Who not What!!! Join me for an 8 week course called, “Who I am!”

In this powerful, hands-on workshop you will gain tools and strategies to create the life you want to live. These fun, interactive groups create a space of awareness, clarity, and lots of laughs – and a few tears.

This womens circle focuses on awareness, choice and action.

You will explore the following concepts

  • What does it mean to be ME?
  • Learn the big L.I.E.
  • Create more space and flow in your life
  • Determine the ‘You Are Here’ on your road map
  • Learn that YOU are the One you’ve been waiting for.


 A women’s circle is a group of women who share, explore, build skills and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Join me for this fun and interactive introduction to women’s circles.