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What Are You Tolerating?

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | November 27, 2013 | 6:25 pm




So what are you tolerating? Tolerations are all those things in our lives, that distract us and rob us of the energy, time and the focus we need to create the life we want. Tolerations are things like clutter, a dirty car, a messy closet to name a few. There are physical, mental and emotional tolerations, but for now let’s stick to the physical. Sometime the source of continued tolerations is to avoid taking full responsibility for particular circumstance in your life. Eventually you will come to recognize that this could be a large part of what is holding you back from achieving your goals. In handling the things you are tolerating, you free up time and energy to create life on your terms.


Tolerations zap our energy – just like that ding you get for email or texts. It pulls you out of the moment and distracts you. As you walk by that dust bunny in your hallway, your brain notices it and it takes some of your energy.


When I was taking a class on tolerations the first thing that popped in my head were the little holes in your walls that happen when you pull out a nail and move a picture. I seemed to have a lot of them. All of a sudden it was like there were little eyeballs in the wall watching me. Once I learned and became aware of this toleration it was like a scary movie at my house. Within a week of that class I had patched them all up and painted over them. I seem to have toleration parties at my house. I will get on one and go through my house and eliminate a ton of them. It clears the energy and creates space for more things to come into your life.


Take a minute and list 5 things you are tolerating about your home –


Examples of home tolerations Geographic location, size-style-design of house, messes, unorganized closets, walls need paint, appliances need fixing, mortgage is too high, furniture is worn.




Write them down: write out all of your tolerations (keep adding to this list), even if you don’t know how to resolve the matter. Just putting every toleration on paper is worthwhile. The solution will come. Awareness is the first step to eliminating them. It’s kind of like that list of things we want, our vision boards etc.


Look for a core toleration: Core tolerations refer to something you are putting up with that when handled, will resolve about five other tolerations, automatically. An example of this would be making more money, which can be used to replace an unreliable car, a housekeeper for the messy house, etc.


Handle the source: Don’t just handle the toleration, make sure you get to and handle the source of it or the problem will reappear, sometimes in a slightly different form.


You can handle the source of a toleration by eliminating the source, setting up an automatic system, resolving the problem, telling the truth, etc. For example, if you are tolerating living in a city you don’t like, don’t just change cities consider the qualities of what environment would support you the best. Then travel around and choose the city or area in which you will be most happy, fulfilled and toleration-free.


Benefits of Being Toleration-Free


  • You will stop trying to manage situations that drain your energy and really do not need to be in your way
  • You will have more energy to devote to your quality of life and on other areas of your personal or business development
  • You will grow more quickly because you are not distracted or weighed down with tolerations
  • You redefine what is possible for yourself and others


Tolerations are the topic of module 2 in the My Best Self Program

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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