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The Lost Girls

These are the girls who may have good grades, are doing the right things, but somehow feel lost, alone, and unsettled. They look fine, but are not. They are not necessarily troubled teens. I call them the lost girls. They are seeking connection, seeking approval, longing to fit in, yet they feel like they don’t belong.

My goal is for no young woman to become one of the “lost girls.”

Around puberty or a little later, girls start feeling a push of some kind. A push to make a difference, to “come-into-their-own.” I think this push is a calling from your innermost self. A call for CONNECTION. What if a teen gathered the skills and tools to make proactive choices, rather than simply reacting to life. What kind of impact could she have if she learned how to design her life, rather than merely reacting to it? When girls are in elementary school, it is easy for them to embrace and talk about their talents, abilities, and gifts. Somewhere along the way social pressures, media expectations, and interaction with others, compels young women to stop believing in themselves. I’m starting to call this “teen depreciation”. In the never ending journey to fit in, girls seem to forget who they were meant to be. They are constantly comparing their bodies, their social status and their relationships with others, not to mention their wardrobe. Add to that the pressures of being over scheduled, and over stressed. Can you say pressure cooker???

Classes for Teens

Choice Life Strategies was originally created with teens in mind.  The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is more true than we want to admit. We are all so busy. Piano lessons, chearleading, student council. These girls are overwhelmed. We don’t have villages anymore. So I want to start a movement to make one. In a special teens-only course, your daughter will be given the gift of self!

Along with other girls her age, this 8 week course guides young women to clearly see for themselves how amazing they truly are!

Girls Circle – A girls circle is a group of young women who share, explore, build skills and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Join me for this fun and interactive journey of mind, body and spirit.


Her Takeaway

  • Stronger sense of self and improved self esteem
  • Tools to know how to nurture self
  • Ability to listen to yourself for answers
  • Becoming responsible, accountable and in charge of your life.
  • Loving yourself more
  • Better communication skills
  • Making choices that honor and respect who you are

Taking names – Ongoing Dates

Cost is $247


  • 10 weeks of teens connecting, learning and discovering
  • Journal
  • Receive a $50 discount if teen’s mother is enrolled in the Women’s Circle!

Payment can be made in 2 installments. ~Bring a friend to receive 10% off your tuition!~


Let’s start a movement. Let’s send these girls the message that they can be true to themselves. That they don’t have to adapt for anyone. As Martin Luther King said “A world where we are judged not by the color of our skin,” or the clothes we wear, or our looks…OK, OK I am taking some liberty here, “but by the content of our character.” If they are free to be themselves, they will know what type of character they are building and make choices accordingly.