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Session 6 – Visioneering

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | June 25, 2014 | 4:44 pm



Visioneering – That reminds me of the way Disney calls their engineers Imagineers. You need lots of imagination to create if you work for Disney. Well, how about if you work for yourself? Then – If you can vision it you can achieve it. That is the lesson Danielle Laporte imparts to us in Session 6 of the Firestarter Sessions.


Dreams pilot our choices and pilot the landscape of our lives. Oftentimes, we get bombarded with the dream that our society or culture has for us and forget that it was never really our dream in the first place. Goals and dreams can get intermingled until dreams no longer have those fluffy edges. They become that to-do list. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my dreams on a to-do list. There is also a time to cop to dream fatigue. Burnout is the ideal time to take a dream hiatus and take stock. This is the time  to become still and commune with your soul again. Connect with your heart. That is where your real dreams lie and where the fluffy edges are.


Then, on occasion (or annually) it may be time to declutter your aspirations and have a Dream Funeral. This is when you take stock and quit lugging everything around. Decide what has run its course and needs to be released and then – release it. Now you have some space around you. Go back to that stillness place. Feels different without all that clutter in it, right? Settle in. Then it is time to go into the isolation tank for some Altered States (that was a movie for all you young’uns out there). It is time to dream the impossible dream with no limits. Then ask your guidance squad for help (all those beings that are hanging around you all the time that many of us don’t want to admit are there). They are real and they all want to help us. Ask them.


Now on to visualizing your dream. Not just that your dream is possible, but that it is done. Complete. Finito. Look at the details. There will be some guide posts and how-tos in there. When you are connected to a dream there will be answers contained within. One other thing – when you get a closer look at your dreams, you may decide to back away from them. Case in point – Once upon a time, there was a job I THOUGHT that I wanted. There was some resistance from the powers that be to letting me have it. And my back was really hurting me. I went off to girl scout camp (no, I wasn’t a brownie at the time, but my daughter was and we had a mother/daughter overnight). As all the little campers lay snoring, I was tossing and turning because my back REALLY hurt – and I was mulling over the whole job thing. In a flash I had this epiphany. I didn’t really want that job. Woosh – the muscles in my back totally relaxed and let go. Sleep overcame me in an instant. Monday morning I let the boss know that I didn’t want that job (he had a really shocked look on his face). Sometimes if we can’t hear our hearts for the noise in our head we should check in with our bodies – it might just be screaming at us!


Now on to dreaming…..




 What are your dreams?


For each dream, finish this thought: I want this because . . .


Repeat the thought until you feel like you’ve hit on the heart of the matter.


Which dreams make you flush with excitement of be still with peace?


What if none of these dreams is close to your heart?


Are you going to let any of these dreams go?


Who will you share your dream with?


Who already knows about your dream?


Which dreams will you choose to realize?




Pick one dream and explore . . .


Three reasons why your dream is unreasonable or the odds are stacked against you.


Three ultraoptimistic and positively affirmative thoughts that instantly dissolve the bad
vibes associated with the so-called unreasonable nature of your dream.

Three persuasive, potentially outrageous actions that will create forward traction.

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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