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When Procrastination Might Be Good

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | March 30, 2014 | 4:44 pm

good procrastination

Since I am one of those people that always likes to look at all sides of an issue, I thought I would take a look at when procrastination might be good. After all, everything can’t be bad all the time (except liver).  As penance for procrastinating, this is part 4 in my procrastination series. .


So, I started thinking about when procrastination might be good and came up with quite a instances of when procrastination might be a good thing.


1 – Procrastinate or leave something if it is likely to resolve itself if you take no action. Of course in this case, it likely that it should not even be on your list and or at the very least should not be a priority.


2 – Procrastinate if letting something sit for awhile will lead to a better solution. In this case, I tend to not do nothing on it, rather I spend a while to organize it, think about it, write a few ideas down etc. Ideas tend to incubate better if some thought has gone into it ahead of time.


3 – If you must procrastinate, do something else on your list that might be lower priority but still needs doing. This is like asking your child, do you want to wear the pink hat or the white one. You don’t ask them if they want to wear a hat. Choose from 2 or more tasks – all that need doing.


4 – Procrastinate if you need a break. Sometimes productivity is an order of magnitude better if you are properly in flow and have the right energy, creativity etc.


5 – Sometimes I procrastinate on the big part of the job by doing the smaller parts around it. For example, rather than do my taxes (which I hate), I might just collect and organize things or set up a meeting with my accountant. Choose a part of the job that is not as ugly and get it done.


6 – Procrastinate by doing the more important task. This seems counter intuitive since good time management says you always work on the highest priority task (and you should). What I often find is I am working on tasks that are causing me stress (so I want to procrastinate) only to realize, there are likely other more important tasks to do that I enjoy doing.


7 – Procrastinate if someone else is likely to do it (or if you can get them to do it). Of course, I never said I was a marriage counselor. Leaving the dishes or cleaning for your spouse might not be such a good idea – now hiring a housekeeper – that’s another idea.


Most of all, if you procrastinate, don’t feel guilty. That just puts more energy into something that doesn’t need it and detracts from the “good” of it. If you catch yourself hanging out with the procrastination monster, just take a deep breath and ask yourself “What is the best use of my time right now?” and then get to it!!!

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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