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Why Is Life So Complicated?

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | November 18, 2013 | 6:44 pm




So I feel like I need to ask the question, ” Why is life so complicated? “. Over scheduling, over tired, over extended…. it seems like it just doesn’t quit. And while I am on the over kick, what about the holidays (and weddings, funerals, birthdays ) being over the top? Kudos to a few of the well known stores for holding out with the Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is over (while some of them have Christmas decorations come out in September). As we head towards the holidays and the end of the year, everything going on just reinforces the question – Why is life so complicated?


Yes, I know that we do it to ourselves. What would happen if we just stopped? Hmmmm…..


I know that as my girls have gotten older, I have scaled back on the extra activities around the holidays. This saves much aggravation and burn out on my part. I kind of want to go back to a Little House On The Prairie Christmas. The tree gets put up Christmas Eve – and in the morning the kids have a stocking and one gift (maybe I am imagining things here, but that is what I remember from the books). Christmas day is spent cooking a feast, visiting with friends and family and then the tree comes down on New Years Day. As I write this, it is looking better all the time.


Could we go back to a Little House Christmas? With some effort, possibly (like moving to a cabin in the woods or something). But, if we have to be in this ‘real’ world as it is, I guess I will have to make do with my own version of simplifying. Lots of little things really add up. I have got to say that since I don’t listen to the radio in my car I get a buffer from being inundated by Christmas music. Since most of the things I watch on TV are recorded, I get to bypass the commercials. If I shop online, then I am not blasted by the store’s idea of Christmas. These are a few simple things that I know I can do consistently to keep from cringing when I see a little glass ball or candy cane.


So before we hit that home stretch before Thanksgiving, take a deep breath and step back and reflect (one of my favorite things to do). Take a look at all those things that you usually/have to/should do and see where you can whittle it down to a reasonable list. Throw expectations out the back door and cover them with snow. By spring they will be fertilizer. If it is not absolutely necessary or if it doesn’t give you joy dump it. Remember that the holidays are for you too, not just those kiddos. Make this a season of presence instead of presents!


Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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