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Learning To Nurture Ourselves

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | February 16, 2014 | 3:26 pm


Woman are so good at nurturing others – Why then do we find it so hard to nurture ourselves? We get caught up in the chase of doing for others and tend to bleed ourselves dry. I remember hearing a speaker I know tell me that you have to give from your overflow, not from your cup. This means that WE have to keep our cup filled to overflowing. How do we do that? In honor of our month of self love, I had to include a little nurturing in there.


First we have to figure out what nurturing is to us. It is different for everyone. Is it time alone, self care, a walk outside, a bubble bath or time spent with friends or family? When I say time – I mean time, not putting on a huge dinner where you are stuck in the kitchen the whole time but able to sit with everyone and enjoy yourself too. Is it taking a day for yourself at the spa or going to the movie that YOU want to see (by yourself if necessary). Learning how to nurture ourselves is about owning what we want and need – our wishes and desires – then extending that out into the world instead of letting them be just little whispers in our head.


If we are willing to love ourselves and do whatever it takes to care for ourselves – regardless of what others are doing or how they are behaving then something miraculous happens. By honoring ourselves, others will follow suit. We teach others how to treat us. By showing them how we treat ourselves we lead by example. When we show our children we care enough to treat ourselves well, they in turn will treat us well (and they will learn to treat themselves well). Don’t believe me – try it (if you have been a doormat for a long time, this won’t happen overnight – but it will happen).


Do you ever wonder why some people get walked on by their kids? Or why some people seem charmed and never seem to hurry or fuss and they still fit everything into their day. Their cups are full. You can add all different analogies and descriptions into the Why, but it will boil down to one thing – their cups are full.


So what nurtures you? What fills your cup? Think about it. That’s what I am going to do right now – in my tub!!!

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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