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I’m OK ~ A Lesson Learned From Styx

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | February 11, 2014 | 5:48 pm




Ever heard the song I’m OK by Styx? I guess you can learn a self love lesson wherever you go. I am a lover of the 70’s and 80’s rock bands. This past weekend I went out to Wendover on a girls trip and we saw the band Styx – I haven’t seen them in 31 years ( I am totally dating myself at this point). Well during the course of the kick butt concert I heard a song that I didn’t remember called I’m OK. In honor of our month of self love, I thought this was a lesson to be shared. That when we pay attention or look at things outside the box, you never know what might just show up. Kudo’s to those guys for sounding as good as they did 31 years ago and letting me have a little flashback time…..

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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