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Feeding Our Spirit

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | February 23, 2014 | 11:22 am

Feeding Our Spirit


Now that we have nurtured ourselves a bit, it is time to feed our spirit, internal flame, life force, chi – whatever you choose to call it. You know – that unique inner part of ourselves that keeps our mind, and physical body alive and gives us the gumption to go after our dreams.


Have you ever wondered why certain people light up a room? Why some people have the moxie to just envision their future and go after their dreams? Their life force or spirit is strong and has the strength and energy to feed their passions. Every choice you make either adds to your spirit making it stronger and brighter, or diminishes it and reduces its power.


When our spirit is strong, fed and nurtured we feel powerful and confident. We feel inspired and have no problem going after our dreams. We speak our truth and see ourselves with clarity. Self love and emotional freedom reside.


When our spirit is low, we feel uninspired, defensive and unworthy. Worry and self doubt permeate our minds. We hunger for things outside of ourselves to make us feel better.


To stand in our light we must keep our spirit strong. How strong is your internal flame? Do people feel your presence when you walk into a room? Or are you struggling day to day to just keep the fire going?


Here are some examples of things that might feed your Spirit:


Taking time for yourself ~ Spending time with those you love ~ Resting  ~ Having fun Play ~ Exercising and eating well ~ Being with people who inspire you  ~ Taking time to nurture yourself ~ Being honest with yourself and others ~ Telling others how much they mean to you ~ Doing what you love ~ Going after your dreams ~ Empowering those around you  ~ Speaking your truth ~ Saying no


Take a look at your life since the beginning of this new year. Have the choices you made and actions you have taken fed your spirit or diminished it? Was your life over the top??? Did you overwork, overcommit, overeat, overspend? Do you feel strong in your body? Are the choices you make those of a well fed spirit? Nobody wins if our spirit goes unattended, least of all us. If OVER has been your word of the year, think about what you might have done differently and then ask yourself – “What actions/choices can I take in the next week that will feed my spirit”. Then as Nike always tells us ~ Just Do It!!!

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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