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Are You Exceptional?

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | December 19, 2013 | 4:44 pm

Are You Exceptional?

Are You Exceptional? In my last blog I mentioned that the current book I am reading said this –


“Sometimes walls have to be torn down by circumstance, in order for us to realize that life without walls is much better”.


I was inspired to write that blog and then went back to my book. Well it wasn’t done with the insights quite yet – it continued


“And what if the people don’t want it?”


“Then it is up to us to show them a better way and convince them. Most people are followers. They want to do what everyone else is doing, wear what everyone else is wearing and think what everyone else is thinking. It takes exceptional people to enact change, and there aren’t many of them. They face difficulties, challenges, persecution, and even death. However, the rewards for the brave are vast and worthwhile. Even if they aren’t around to enjoy the fullness of their sacrifice, they leave a great legacy for those who come after.”


The hero of the story didn’t know what to think. Confusion racked his soul. He didn’t want to be there. He didn’t want to help people who didn’t want to help themselves. He didn’t want the guilt of failure and the foresight of knowing that some failure is inevitable.


“And you believe that I am one of those people?” he asked, not knowing what else to say.


“The question isn’t if I believe. The question is, do you believe? Everyone has the ability to be one of those people, if we choose to, and do not fear the scorn of men.”


So I am going to end this blog with this – Are you one of those exceptional people?????

Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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