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Embracing Your Inner Witch ~

Posted by: Ronda Devereaux | October 31, 2013 | 2:22 pm


With Halloween around the corner, I think it is about time that we all think about embracing our inner witch! You know, that witch that we don’t want to come out of hiding lest she show the people around us that we aren’t who we claim to be. I was being goofy at the annual Women Who Wine Witches Event and said – “When we embrace and accept ourselves for who we really are our inner witch shines!” After cracking myself up (as usual), I thought “What a cool blog title”, witch (ha, ha) then led me to thinking about how true that statement really is. I even saved this one to post on Halloween – Damn I think I am funny…..


That inner witch that is hiding out inside of EVERY single one of us is not a bad thing. It is real and should be honored. In fact, sometimes it protects us from bad things – like when we stand up for ourselves and don’t let someone take advantage of us. The thing is, we always just think that the inner witch is bad. This goes back to the whole shadow thing that I wrote about last year. We are multifaceted beings. We are light and dark. Both these sides of ourselves deserve recognition, honor and respect. If not acknowledged then these parts of ourselves come out in not so nice a way.


So this Halloween take a minute to acknowledge and honor your inner witch. Toast some tasty Halloween brew to her and feed her an extra chocolate bar. Let her know how grateful you are for all the times she saved your butt and let her know that she is forgiven for all those times that she went a bit overboard in the reactionary department – and remember – Only the bad witches are ugly….



Article by: Ronda Devereaux

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