Just Because

This poem was written by Tiana – age 17, during one of the classes in my 10 week “Who I Am” program.


Just because I love God, that doesn’t make me perfect.
I lie, I cheat, I swear, I sin; I am not a saint — I am human.
But because I love God, I live for that purpose.
I try to make the right choices and do right by Him always.
But I screw up sometimes, and that’s okay, because all I can be is me.
Just because I have nice things, that doesn’t make me rich.
I’m not spoiled, and I don’t get everything that I want.
But because I have nice things, I try to make my parents proud.
They work hard for the money so that I can have things that I want.
I may not have everything I want, but I have everything that I need.
Just because I get good grades, that doesn’t make me a genius.
I don’t get everything right the first time, and have to try my best.
I work hard in school, but sometimes don’t get the grade that I want.
But because I get good grades, I am proud of what I can do.
My grades aren’t perfect, but that’s okay, because I give it my best effort.
Just because I’m skinny, that doesn’t make me unhealthy or healthy.
I pig out when no one’s watching — and when they are.
I don’t count calories, and don’t go on diets.
But because I’m skinny, I try to stay that way.
I try to eat healthy and work out sometimes, but I’m not perfect and never will be.
Just because I’m me, that doesn’t make me shy or outgoing.
I’m not confident, and I don’t have low self esteem.
I’m not smart and I’m not dumb, but I know who I am.
And because I’m me, I’m proud of myself and not afraid to show it.
I love who I am, and would love for people to accept that.
But if not, I’m still me, and that’s okay, because it’s all I have to offer.

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