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In 2008, life was moving right along.  3 kids, great husband, good job. It had taken a lot of work to get me where I was, but life was really good. Then I got one of those middle of the night phone calls. You know those phone calls when you are in such a deep sleep you think that you are dreaming that the phone is ringing. I didn’t make it to the phone in time. The message my little sister left me said “Chambre isn’t alive anymore”. My beautiful 18 year old niece, the one that was enrolled in college and getting straight A’s, had taken her own life. Holy crap, how the hell did this happen?”. I have been an engineer for over 20 years. I am a brilliant problem solver and I am really good at fixing things, but I couldn’t fix this. All I could do was stand in the aftermath and help where I could. Then I bought furniture for my front porch and sat out there. Alot. By Myself. I kept asking “What was she missing?” The answer that I kept getting was ‘Connection’. Connection to herself, connection to others and in turn, connection to the world. After a lot of self reflection and an elliptical moment (you know, those flashes of insight when you are sweating away at the gym), I realized that there was something else I coud do, and Choice Life Strategies was born.


I have a passion for girls. All of them. Young, old and in between. I also have a gift for recognizing patterns and noticed a synergy between us “somewhat” older women and teenagers. After all, menopause is just puberty in reverse, right? Don’t snicker, we are all born, we all die, we all hit puberty and then we all jump off a cliff. Just kidding. Around this time, puberty or a “little” later, we start feeling a push of some kind. A push to make a difference and come into our own. I think this push is a calling from our innermost self. A call for CONNECTION. Some of us listen, most of us don’t. I think as teens, we don’t yet have some of the tools to act on that push. What if we “somewhat” older chicks had learned some of this when we were young instead of waiting until the kids were almost grown. What kind of parents would we be then? How would our lives be different? And, if we started in the early teens,  how much easier would the dreaded middle and high school years be? Not that I would want to relive that one, but going from a Class 5 rapids down to a Class 1 would have been nice! It makes going to college and DESIGNING your life the norm! Although I believe that everything happens for a reason, I also believe that these experiences are here to teach us something. If we don’t learn the lesson, here goes groundhog day!!! But then again, who says we have to keep repeating the same patterns to learn it? Let’s only make one trip down that yellow brick road and then try the red one. That whole munchkin land thing creeps me out, and I would totally love to bypass the “I’m Melting” part too. (Now you are going to singing the “Lollipop Kids” the rest of the day.. Sorry!)


I could ramble on all day. My insight (remember the ellipticle moment?) led me to create Choice Life Strategies. My goal, my intention, my passion, is to help teens and women connect with themselves so that they can design their lives, not just hang on for dear life. I want every woman and young girl to reach for the stars, and pick whichever one they choose.


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